Elevate your network’s performance with our Shielded 24-Port Patch Panel. Designed to efficiently organize and safeguard your mission-critical Cat6 cable connections, this patch panel is your trusted solution for a high-speed Ethernet network. Ensure reliability and maintain top-notch performance for your business’s connectivity needs.

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High Port Density: A 24-port patch panel provides a compact solution for connecting numerous Ethernet or data cables in a relatively small space.

Rack-Mountable: 24-port patch panels are designed to be rack-mounted, making them suitable for data centers, server rooms, and network closets.

Labeling: Many patch panels have labeling fields or areas to identify and manage connected devices or ports easily.

Compatibility: Compatible with Cat6 cable types.

Shielding: Shielded patch panels are available for added protection against electromagnetic interference (EMI) and crosstalk in high-density environments.

Termination Options: Patch panels may support both punch-down and keystone jack terminations, depending on your network setup.

Durability: Built to last, Metal body, with sturdy construction and high-quality connectors for long-term reliability.

Port Numbering: Port numbering is often included to help with cable tracing and troubleshooting.

Compatibility with Patch Cables: Designed to work seamlessly with patch cables for quick and secure connections.

Scalability: You can daisy-chain multiple patch panels to expand your network as needed.

Grounding and Bonding: They may provide options for grounding and bonding to ensure safety and compliance with electrical standards.



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