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Elevate the performance and security of your high-speed Ethernet network with our Shielded 48-Port Patch Panel. Expertly designed to organize and protect your mission-critical Cat5e/Cat6 cable connections, this patch panel ensures optimal performance and reliability for your enterprise-level network needs. Stay connected and safeguard your critical data with confidence.

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High Port Density: A 48-port patch panel provides extensive connectivity options, making it suitable for large data centers and enterprise networks.

Rack-Mountable: Designed for easy installation in standard network racks or enclosures, allowing efficient use of space.

Cable Management: Includes cable management features like cable ties, clips, or management arms to keep cables organized and tidy.

Labeling: Often includes labeling fields or areas for easy port identification and management.

Compatibility: Supports type cable Cat6.

Shielding: Shielded patch panels are available to protect against electromagnetic interference (EMI) and crosstalk in high-density environments.

Grounding Options: May offer grounding options to ensure electrical safety and minimize static discharge risks.

Durability: Built with sturdy Metal casing and high-quality connectors for long-term reliability.

Color-Coding: Some models have color-coded ports for easy identification of different cable types or functions.

Port Numbering: Ports are typically numbered to facilitate cable tracing and troubleshooting.

Compatibility with Patch Cables: Designed to work seamlessly with patch cables, ensuring quick and secure connections.

Scalability: Suitable for expanding your network infrastructure by daisy-chaining additional patch panels.


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